Forces for Good

NCLR has been selected as one of the best nonprofits in the United States by a survey of nearly 3,000 nonprofit CEOs and 60 expert interviews conducted for the new book Forces for Good: The Six Practices of High-Impact Nonprofits.

“The 12 profiled in this book are the vanguard of the social sector.”

Long-time nonprofit consultants Leslie Crutchfield and Heather McLeod Grant used rigorous research to identify and study the most successful nonprofits. They surveyed thousands of nonprofit leaders, conducted in-depth expert interviews, and analyzed reams of data just to select the 12 organizations featured in their book. They then studied these groups for several years to uncover their secrets to success. The practices they discovered provide a new roadmap for anyone seeking to change the world.

“NCLR has earned its stripes by conducting unparalleled policy advocacy efforts at the federal level, while also building and serving a national network of 300 affiliated community-based organizations.”

This landmark book reveals the six powerful practices of these high-impact nonprofits:

  • Work with government and advocate for policy change;
  • Harness market forces and see business as a powerful partner;
  • Convert individual supporters into evangelists for the cause;
  • Build and nurture nonprofit networks, treating other groups as allies;
  • Adapt to the changing environment; and
  • Share leadership, empowering others to be forces for good.

“By refusing to choose between advocacy and service, NCLR has become a formidable force for social change.”

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