Solely Hispanic-serving Programs

Critics also argue that NCLR’s programs only serve Hispanics. This is simply not true. NCLR and its programs are covered by civil rights laws administered by independent agencies at the federal, state, and local level. We helped enact some of these laws, and we take them very seriously.

For example, in 2006, as part of NCLR’s homeownership program, NCLR Affiliates served about 29,000 clients. Almost 20% were White and approximately 12% were Black. The program targets low-income neighborhoods that contain large Hispanic populations, where NCLR Affiliates are often among the few institutions to offer their services in both English and Spanish. For these reasons, and due to the demographics of the neighborhoods served and the type of services offered, NCLR Affiliates tend to attract a Hispanic clientele, although not exclusively.

We note that throughout NCLR’s history, its staff have been represented by Americans from a wide spectrum of racial and ethnic groups—White, Black, Asian, Native American, Hispanic, and so on. We note further that NCLR’s bylaws, personnel policies, and institutional values contain explicit prohibitions against discrimination.

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