Advancing Media Issues

Advancing media and cultural issues of importance to Hispanics has also been a priority for Yzaguirre. In the 1980s, NCLR produced The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez, which aired on PBS and was released as a feature film, and it produced the original screenplay for The Milagro Beanfield War; these two films were among the first English-language, Latino-themed, wide-distribution feature films. In 2004, SíTV, the nation’s first English-language, Hispanic-themed cable and satellite television channel, was launched with NCLR’s assistance. On the policy front, in 1994 NCLR released Out of the Picture, the first extensive content analysis of prime-time TV portrayals of Hispanics, documenting both the severe underrepresentation as well as the excessively negative portrayals of Latinos on network television. A year later, FOX aired NCLR’s Bravo Awards (later the NCLR ALMA Awards), the first prime-time network Latino awards show that highlighted new and emerging Latino talent.

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