NCLR 2012 Annual Conference Day 3 Wrap-Up

July 10 2012

It was an electrifying day with accomplished speakers and lots of important information for Latinos everywhere.

NCLR Conference 2012 Day 3 Wrap-Up

There was loads going on during the third day of conference. Attendees heard from fantastic speakers, enjoyed in-depth workshops, and made new contacts with the strongest in their industry.

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The day kicked-off with workshops covering a wide-range of topics, including social security, HIV, children and healthcare, and voter engagement. 
#LeadTheWay #NCLR12 #NCLR
RT @lolasanti: "find your area of passion; you need to love what you're doing." - Tony Plana, Digital Biz workshop, #NCLR12NCLR
National immigration hero, Dolores Huerta, was one of the renowned panelists of Cultivating Civic Engagement by Honoring Latino Contributions to America workshop.
Robert with Dolores Huerta @ #nclr12 #MHDC
At the President's Message Luncheon, NCLR President and CEO, Janet Murguia, delivered a refreshingly substantive speech, full of personal details, and centered around the future of Latinos in this country.
@JMurguia_NCLR president's message at #NCLR12 Ferm
Now that's fierce: "Our vote will be our weapon." - Janet Murguia. #NCLR12 #LeadthewayRuben Gonzales
"You want to see our papers? You'll see them in the ballot box on election day!" Gotta love @NCLR's Janet Murgia #leadtheway #NCLR12Karen Hopper
RT @lolasanti: @JMurguia_NCLR president's message at #NCLR12 Manuela McDonough
@JMurguia_NCLR: I was disappointed that neither @MittRomney nor @BarackObama attended #NCLR12.NCLR
Right after, Janet shared her message with reporters.
"A major missed opportunity," Janet Murguia @NCLR on Romney not attending conf. #NCLR12VOXXI
President of NCLR, Janet Murguia addressing the reporters at the NCLR Monday press conference #NCLR12 #SVLatino
RT @JMurguia_NCLR: We would like Mr. Romney to start talking specifically abt his vision for the Latino community #NCLR12 #LatinoVoteZandra Zuno
NCLR Town Hall: Don't Quit the Dream: A Vision for Homeownership Beyond 2012 with the distinguished speakers: Richard Cordray, Director, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and Shaun Donovan , Secretary, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
NAHREP Prez Jerry Ascencio, Maria Cabildo, Sec. Shaun Donovan & CFPB Dir Richard Cordray at #NCLR12 housing panel
@shaunpdonovan: Since the president took office, nearly 600k Latino families have bought homes using FHA financing. #NCLR12NCLR
Two resources #Latinos should know about & #NCLR12NCLR
@JerryAscencio to comment on housing market at the NCLR 2012 Conference. #NCLR12 #NAHREP #LATISM
Donovan: An economy built to last must be built on the hopes and aspirations of the #Latino community. #NCLR12NCLR
@mariacabildo: The Calif. Homeowners Bill of Rights will restore the fairness that has been lacking in the process. #NCLR12NCLR
Rich Cordray to @NCLR: new @CFPB proposal will bring unprecedented clarity to mortgage process - a win for consumers and industryTom Feltner
@mariacabildo: We have lost 66% of our wealth since the #foreclosure crisis began. #NCLR12NCLR
@mariacabildo: The Calif. Homeowners Bill of Rights will restore the fairness that has been lacking in the process. #NCLR12NCLR
Thank you Dir. Cordray, Sec. Donovan, @mariaesalinas, @mariacabildo & Jerry Ascencio for a great & informative town hall! #NCLR12NCLR
From Around the Conference Center.
This has been the best #NCLR conference I have ever attended. Amazing work Janet! Taking #NCLR12 to new heig Garza
With Mario Enriquez. He is such a great person inside and out. @thebatman87 #lideres12 #nclr12 A. Hermosillo
RT @youLema: Maria Elena Salinas #univision #nclr12 #lideres12 Elena Salinas
RT @latinovoices: Young Latinas climbing to new heights at #nclr12 Family Expo
The final day of the Expo wrapped-up with legendary telenovela artist, Juan Soler. 
RT @RozalynJimenez: Great to see the handsome&talented @juansolervalls joined the fun for @NCLR National Family EXPO 2012! #NCLR12 #Latism♥ ¡¡Almu!! ♥
RT @Marys_Center: #cheerios at #NCLR12 Juan Soler♥ ¡¡Almu!! ♥
¡Gracias @NCLR por la excelente conferencia! Visita para el calendario de eventos del #McDFiestaTour #NCLR12Me Encanta
The conference continued after dark with this fun events.
RT @LucyFlores: Pepe Aguilar's button says "Dream Act now" #DreamAct #LATISM #NCLR12 #Latinos2012 Mariachi
Still to come.
VP Biden will be speaking to @NCLR in Las Vegas tomorrow—have you checked out @LatinosforObama? http://OFA.BO/DwGJTX #NCLR12Monica Fuentes
#agreed! Let's do it! @JoeBiden we're AZ DREAMers waiting for you #NCLR12 Vegas! We would love to speak to you! YES :D? Ok, thank you.Carla Chavarria

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