NCLR Calls on House of Representatives to “Spring into Action” on Immigration Reform

May 01 2014



Joseph Rendeiro
(202) 776-1776

The House of Representatives is scheduled to be in session for three weeks throughout May. But according to a memo sent by Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R–Va.) late last week, there are no plans to move immigration reform forward during May. Despite calls from constituents and lawmakers in both parties to make this issue a priority, immigration reform was conspicuously absent from the memo, which outlined Cantor’s legislative agenda for this month. Dismayed by the refusal to advance immigration reform legislation in the House of Representatives, NCLR (National Council of La Raza) is calling on House Republican leadership to “Spring into Action” by moving forward with immigration reform during May’s congressional work period.

“If Majority Leader Cantor is serious about ‘building an America that works,’ then he should swiftly rethink his agenda. Continuing to ignore the problems within our immigration system is counterproductive to improving this country’s economic and social well-being,” said Janet Murguía, President and CEO of NCLR. “We have an opportunity to create thousands of new jobs in every congressional district and add billions of dollars in additional income for all Americans over the next decade. But that requires passing immigration reform. With a dwindling window of opportunity to get this legislation passed, now is the time for House leadership to spring into action and do what their colleagues in the Senate did nearly one year ago—work together to create and pass bipartisan legislation that restores order and stability to our broken immigration system.”


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