Statement of Janet Murguía, NCLR President and CEO, on Debt Ceiling Compromise

August 02 2011


Julian Teixeira
(202) 776-1812

Washington, D.C.—For the sake of the country, the health of our economy, and global financial stability, raising the debt ceiling was a necessary step. Although this was not the deal we believe would be best for America, NCLR (National Council of La Raza) recognizes the importance of raising the debt ceiling given that the prospect of default was far worse. However, it is deeply unfortunate and disappointing that the budget cuts contained within the compromise greatly affect the most vulnerable in our society, including low-income and Hispanic Americans.

Going forward, we hope that lawmakers will put aside their partisan differences and develop a better, more balanced approach to resolving this nation’s budget crisis—one that includes a thoughtful strategy for raising revenue without reducing funding to crucial programs for low-income families, and eliminates loopholes for those Americans who can afford to pay their fair share of taxes.

Finally, with the issues surrounding the debt ceiling resolved for the time being, we implore Congress and the administration to give their full attention to the issue of greatest concern to all Americans, including Latinos—fixing our broken economy and creating jobs.


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