U.S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin to Lead Latino Community Forum in Philadelphia

April 16 2012

Joseph Rendeiro, NCLR
(202) 776-1566

Dave Lemmon, Families USA
(202) 628-3030

Forum to focus on new protections for families in health reform

Philadelphia, Pa.—Dr. Regina Benjamin, Surgeon General of the United States, and a panel of seasoned health professionals and advocates will answer questions from the community on key provisions of the health reform law at a breakfast gathering on Wednesday, April 18. Dr. Benjamin, America’s Doctor, will lead the forum, which is intended to help Philadelphia’s Latino community better understand how the law will help and protect their families.

Dr. Benjamin replaces Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis in the forum’s program.

When President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act in 2010, families gained a whole range of new consumer benefits and health insurance protections. The Wednesday gathering will allow community participants to ask questions about these new benefits, such as provisions that prohibit insurance companies from discriminating against children with preexisting conditions, allow adult children to stay on their parents’ plan, make prevention a priority by providing free health screenings, and increase support for seniors with high prescription drug costs.

The forum is being hosted by Congreso de Latinos Unidos, NCLR (National Council of La Raza), and Families USA. The groups believe that it’s critically important for people to understand their options for better coverage and care under the law. The forum also provides a venue to elevate the top health care priorities of Latinos in Pennsylvania, as the state begins the implementation process of the health care law. The Affordable Care Act is especially significant for the Latino community, which is less likely to be insured and more likely to suffer from conditions that make access to high-quality, affordable insurance even more important.

Breakfast will be served immediately before the program commences. Interpretation for those who prefer Spanish will also be provided.


WHO:           Dr. Regina Benjamin, Surgeon General of the Unites States
                     Cynthia F. Figueroa, President and CEO, Congreso de Latinos Unidos
                     Jennifer Ng'andu, Deputy Director of Health Policy, NCLR
                     Dr. Cheryl Bettigole, Chief Medical Officer, Complete Care Health Network
                     Dr. Gabriela D. Lemus, Senior Advisor and Director of the Office of Public Engagement, U.S. Department of Labor
                     Sinsi Hernández-Cancio, Director, Health Equity, Families USA

WHAT:         Dr. Regina Benjamin, U.S. Surgeon General, to Lead Community Forum on Consumer Benefits and Protections in the Affordable Care Act

WHEN:         Wednesday, April 18, 2012
                     Breakfast to be served at 9:15 am EDT
                     Program to commence at 10 a.m. EDT

WHERE:       Congreso de Latinos Unidos
                     2800 N. American Street, Philadelphia, PA 19133


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