NCLR Media Guide

Leticia Miranda

Senior Policy Advisor, Economic Security Policy

Retirement policy; Latino access to Social Security, 401(k) plans, and other retirement products; Latino income and poverty trends; federal budget and tax policy

Master’s degree, business administration, Stanford Graduate School of Business; bachelor’s degree, economics, University of California, Berkeley

Current Position:
Policy analysis and advocacy at the federal level on economic issues including retirement programs, tax policy, federal budget, and poverty; public education efforts that span online interactive software, town hall forums, social media campaigns, and traditional marketing collateral, all targeting various Latino subgroups including immigrant adults, native-born youth, and seniors

Previous Position(s):
Program Director, Next Ten; Project Manager, Levi Strauss & Co. Global Environmental Council; Policy Analyst, Children’s Defense Fund

Selected Publications:

Cutting a Lifeline:  How the Chained CPI Proposal Will Affect Hispanic Seniors (December 2013)

The Impact of Proposed Changes to Social Security On American Retirement Security (Testimony, May 2013)

Maintain Social Security’s Compact for Aspiring Citizens (May 6, 2013)

Latinos Oppose Changes to Child Tax Credit (January 2012)

Weak Economy Means Rising Poverty Levels Among Latino Families (September 2011)

“Social Security VideoQuiz” (April 2011)

Facts about Latinos and Social Security (July 2011)

NCLR’s Principles on Social Security (January 2011)

Social Security:  What the Latino Community Should Know (December 2010)

El Seguro Social:  Lo que la comunidad latina debe saber (December 2010)

A Challenge to Our Nation:  Improving the Economic Well-Being of Latino Kids, coauthored with Melissa Boteach and Katie Wright (October 2010)

Improving Retirement Security for Latinos:  Overview of Racial and Ethnic Disparities and Ideas for Improvement (testimony) (September 2010)

Insecure Retirements:  Latino Participation in 401(k) Plans (December 2009)

Latino Poverty and Income in Focus:  Examining the 2008 Census Data (November 2009)

Latino Child Poverty Overview (October 2009)