NCLR Media Guide

Patricia Foxen, PhD

Deputy Director, Research

Migration and integration of Latino communities; psychosocial health of immigrant and refugee children, youth, and families; indigenous migrants; race, ethnicity and discrimination; cultural and medical anthropology; applied research

Doctoral degree, anthropology, and master’s degree, medical anthropology, McGill University; master’s degree, public health, Columbia University; bachelor’s degree, sociology, Bryn Mawr College

Current Position:
Development and implementation of NCLR’s agenda for policy-oriented research across issue areas; oversight of research team and support for policy and research analysts; development of new research, particularly around Latino children and youth, race/ethnicity and civil rights, and social integration

Previous Position(s):
Assistant Professor (status), University of Toronto (Anthropology); Research Associate, Toronto General Hospital Women’s Health Program; Research Assistant Professor, Vanderbilt University (Anthropology); Researcher, Transcultural Psychiatry Division, Montreal Children’s Hospital; Grants Officer, EngenderHealth (Latin America and Caribbean)

Selected Publications:

“Guatemalans in New England:  Transnational Communities through Time and Space,” Practicing Anthropology, coauthored with Debra Rodman (2012)

Nationwide Growth in the Latino Population is a Boon for the Country (April 2011)

Speaking Out:  Latino Youth on Discrimination in the United States (October 2010)

America’s Future:  Latino Child Well-Being in Numbers and Trends, coauthored with Mark Mather (April 2010)

“Local Narratives of Distress and Resilience:  Lessons in Psychosocial Well-Being among the K’iche’ Maya in Postwar Guatemala,” Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology (2010)

“Refugees and Forced Migration,” in Introduction à l’anthropologie de l’aide humanitaire et du développement (2009)

In Search of Providence:  Transnational Mayan Identities (2007)

“The Complexity of Determining Refugeehood: A Multidisciplinary Analysis of the Decision-Making Process of the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board,” Journal of Refugee Studies, coauthored with C. Rousseau, F. Crépeau, and F. Houle (2002)

“Cacophony of Voices: A K’iche’ Mayan Narrative of Remembrance and Forgetting,” Transcultural Psychiatry (2000)