NCLR Latino Empowerment and Advocacy Project and the 2010 Elections

LEAP provides small grants, training, and technical assistance to community-based organizations for nonpartisan voter engagement activities geared toward building a base to expand the participation of the Latino electorate.  Over the long term, LEAP aims to strengthen the capacity and infrastructure of local organizations to continue nonpartisan voter engagement and incorporate those activities into the mission of their organizations.

The 2010 LEAP initiative helped 22 organizations in 13 states register a total of 19,391 new voters and conduct get-out-the-vote activities reaching 83,241 infrequent voters.  As part of its ambitious 2012 electoral engagement plan, NCLR and its partners aim to register 30,000 new voters through LEAP during the coming year.  For more information, contact Loren McArthur at lmcarthur@nclr.org

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