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Are service providers permitted to engage in electoral work?
Yes! While they cannot support or oppose any candidate for office, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations are permitted to engage in nonpartisan electoral activities such as voter registration, voter education, and get-out-the-vote efforts. You should inform yourself about the specific rules and limitations on nonprofit electoral activities. More information is available from the Alliance for Justice, a nonprofit organization that provides legal guidance and training to nonprofits on electoral and lobbying rules and guidelines. Visit their website at

The following public service announcements (PSAs) are available to Mobilize the Vote campaign partners. We encourage you to embed the videos on your organization’s website and circulate them to your networks.







The following documents are also available to Mobilize the Vote partners for technical assistance and general information about voter engagement efforts.

LEAP: A Model for Increasing Latino Civic Participation

  • This report contains case studies of organizations who have participated in the NCLR’s service-provider voter engagement project. It outlines best practices, common challenges, and solutions to those challenges for organizations interested in undertaking a voter registration and education project.

Integrating Civic Participation Strategies into Service Delivery Organizations: An NCLR Tool Kit

  • This tool kit outlines various strategies on civic participation for service providers.

Voting Law Changes in 2012

  • This report produced by the Brennan Center for Justice provides an analysis of bills introduced and legislation passed in 2011 that affect voting rights of Americans.

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