Leadership Development

Leadership Development and Advocacy Capacity-Building

NCLR works to develop the public leadership skills and advocacy capacity of its network of nearly 300 Affiliates throughout the country as well as partner with community-based organizations in emerging Latino communities in the United States.

Through the annual NCLR National Latino Advocacy Days, NCLR helps Affiliates develop their advocacy skills, learn about key federal policy issues impacting the Latino community, and build relationships with their members of Congress.

In California, NCLR has established a groundbreaking statewide leadership development and capacity-building model with its 57 California Affiliate organizations.

The Emerging Latino Communities (ELC) Initiative combines capacity-building grants of up to $20,000 with targeted technical assistance aimed at strengthening the community organizing and leadership development efforts of community-organizing groups in emerging Latino communities.

From Social Service to Social Change

Increasingly, social service organizations recognize that they must engage in advocacy for systemic policy change in order to meet the needs of their clients and fulfill their broader missions. At the same time, these organizations are connecting to large client networks which, if engaged thoughtfully and strategically, represent a source of leadership and power for advocacy work. NCLR believes that with targeted technical assistance, training, leadership development and advocacy support, Latino service providers can become an important vehicle for engaging Latinos in the public life of their communities, and collectively can serve as a powerful force for social change.

Click here for more information on best practices of service providers that engage effectively in advocacy and social change work. To conduct a self-assessment of the advocacy capacity of your organization, click here.

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