California Advocacy Platform

In California, NCLR has established a groundbreaking statewide leadership development and capacity-building model with its more than 50 California Affiliate organizations. NCLR is helping our Affiliates in California develop systems and practices for leveraging their service and client networks for effective and powerful advocacy work. At the same time, NCLR is building the collective power and leadership of the Affiliate Network as a whole by helping Affiliates conduct research and collective advocacy on issues impacting the well-being of Latinos across the state, build relationships with key policy groups and advocacy partners, and expand their political footprint through voter registration and mobilization activities. Through the 2011 NCLR California Latino Advocacy Day held in May, 332 leaders representing 22 Affiliates conducted lobbying visits in Sacramento, advocating for several important education, housing, health care, and workforce development bills, and winning a key public commitment from Assemblymember Felipe Fuentes, chair of the State Assembly Committee on Appropriations, to support the “California Dream Act.” The “California Dream Act” would extend financial aid opportunities to students in California’s public university system, regardless of their immigration status.

We are excited about our work to develop our California Affiliates, which reach over 1.1 million people in California through their combined services and programs, into a cohesive and powerful statewide network that can have significant influence on issues impacting the well-being of Latinos.

For more information on NCLR’s capacity-building work in California, contact Pedro Silva, NCLR Organizer and Capacity-Building Strategist, at


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