National Campaigns

The National Campaigns team works to expand opportunities for Latino engagement in civic life and public policy debates. The team works to build and expand a network of individuals who can weigh in on issues of interest to Latinos and their sister communities, creating tools and opportunities to disseminate information, mobilize, and effect change. We also work with NCLR Affiliates and other community-based partners throughout the country to enhance the Hispanic voice in national debates.

The Latino community will not forget the members of Congress who voted against the “DREAM Act,” depriving our country of the contributions of so many talented youth. We commend the leaders in the House and Senate who stood with us and believed that our country could be a permanent home for these immigrant students.

The ya es hora ¡Ciudadanía! Campaign was born of the pro-immigrant marches of 2006. To translate the mass momentum into action, the goal was simple - to inform, educate and motivate the millions of eligible legal permanent residents to apply for U.S. Citizenship. Over 400 organizations nationwide contributed to ya es hora's success in surpassing its lofty goal of motivating over 1,000,000 legal permanent residents to apply for U.S. citizenship. Approximately 1.4 million people applied by the end of Fiscal Year 2007.

Today, the campaign continues to engage eligible legal permanent residents in the naturalization process to become US citizens. By becoming US citizens, Latinos can fully participate in the American democratic process.

NCLR and other organizations have called for a formal boycott of conventions, conferences, and other special events involving significant travel to Arizona as a result of the passage of SB 1070. Learn more.


Characters Unite, a campaign run by the USA Network, represents a new movement committed to combating prejudice and intolerance, and promoting greater acceptance and mutual respect. Learn more.

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