Boycott Intolerance

Sign the Pledge
Join a growing number of groups across the country in taking a stand against the radical Arizona law, SB 1070. Sign here to protest the injustice that this law perpetrates, and join us in boycotting Arizona.

What's Wrong with the Law
Arizona's SB 1070, legislation signed into law last month by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, essentially sanctions racial profiling in the state of Arizona and violates our civil rights as Americans.

Take Action

  • Will your state have an Arizona copycat law in 2011? Click here for NCLR’s state-by-state analysis
  • Add Your Name to the List of Those Thanking the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals!

Boycott Updates

  • Immigrant entrepreneurs have played a critical role in bringing new jobs to Michigan.
  • The Mississippi Senate passes an Arizona copycat bill by a vote of 34-15.
  • The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), headquartered in Louisville, opposes an Arizona law in Kentucky.


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