Census Information Center

In 1990, NCLR became one of five national organizations to form the first group of Census Information Centers (CICs).  The CIC program, now expanded to include nearly 60 organizations in the 50 states and Puerto Rico, work with the U.S. Bureau of the Census to:

  • Educate members of their community on how to access and use Census data
  • Motivate and train nontraditional data users to use Census data and apply them to their needs
  • Work collaboratively with the Census Bureau to support ongoing data collection activities and raise awareness about the importance of Census data

Each year, NCLR produces numerous analyses, fact sheets, statistical profiles, and other publications that feature social and economic data from Census Bureau surveys and products.   This research is disseminated to the hundreds of community-based organizations in NCLR’s Affiliate Network, as well as policymakers, advocates, researchers, practitioners, and the media.  For more information on this work, please visit NCLR’s Research web page.

NCLR is also committed to helping maximize Latino participation in the 2010 Census. As a partner in the ya es hora ¡Hágase Contar! campaign, NCLR will join national Latino organizations and Spanish-language media to promote community participation in Census 2010.  Learn more information about the campaign at the ya es hora ¡Hágase Contar! website.
For more information about NCLR’s participation in the CIC program, please contact Kara Ryan, Research Analyst, Health Policy Project.  To learn more about NCLR’s participation in the ya es hora ¡Hágase Contar! campaign, contact Ellie Klerlein, Senior Strategist, National Campaigns.

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