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Savings and checking accounts and investment tools have become staples in today’s asset-based economy. These financial services are a first step on the path to security in the future. However, the number of unbanked Latinos without access to basic financial services proves that there is a significant need in the community. Fringe banking providers, such as check cashers, have proliferated in communities where Latinos work and reside. The cost of these services is extraordinary and drains income from households, ultimately trapping families in debt. Latinos need fair access to the financial services market and protection from unscrupulous lenders.

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Wealth-Building Staff

Janis Bowdler, Deputy Director, Wealth-Building Policy Project,
Graciela Aponte, Legislative Analyst, Wealth-Building Policy Project,
Nancy Wilberg Ricks, Policy Analyst, Wealth-Building Policy Project,
Marisabel Torres, Policy Analyst, Wealth-Building Policy Project,

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