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The passage of the health care reform bills, the Affordable Health Care for America Act and the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act, came after many long and tiring days of work which included countless calls to Capitol Hill, the drafting of materials, fact sheets, and analyses, and the tireless activism of our communities.  Here you can find resources and important campaign pages that were critical in our quest to gain better care and coverage for Latinos and all Americans in the U.S.  health care system.


Story of the Week:  In order to put a face on the Latino health care experience, NCLR featured your stories in weekly installments.  We also created a storybook that features some of the personal stories and perspectives of Latino families across the nation.

Post Cards:  With help from Latinos throughout the United States, NCLR was able to deliver thousands of postcards asking our nation’s leaders to pass health care reform legislation that would grant quality, affordable health care to all Latinos.

In-District Visits:  When members of Congress returned home, many members of our communities took a step beyond sending letters and making phone calls by scheduling in-district visits to personally tell their members of Congress why health care reform was important to them.

Health Equity for All:  NCLR, in collaboration with national civil rights and grassroots organizations, including the NAACP National Voter Fund, Campaign for Community Change, the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, and the United States Student Association, unveiled television and print ads for health care reform that ran in English and Spanish in Florida, Arkansas, Louisiana, and North Carolina.  Watch the television ads at the Health Equity for All webpage in English and Spanish.

Latinos United for Healthcare:  Working closely with national Latino organizations across the United States, NCLR advocated jointly to eliminate the five-year waiting period for legal immigrants to federal programs such as Medicaid, remove restrictions to the Exchange for undocumented immigrants, and obtaining equity for Puerto Rico.


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