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Don't Forget About All of America's Families!

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Don't Forget About All of America's Families!

The Latino stake in health care reform is clear. More than 14 million Latinos went without health insurance in 2008, and millions more are deeply disconnected from quality health care.

Throughout the health care reform debate, NCLR collected hundreds of stories from Latinos throughout the country that demonstrate their needs at a personal level. People told NCLR their stories about why health care reform was important to them or relayed them through one of the hundreds of community-based organizations—NCLR Affiliates—that are working to provide health services in the nation’s medically underserved communities.  NCLR delivered these stories to Congress to show the need for meaningful health care reform.

Click the image below to download a collection of personal health care stories and perspectives from Latino families across the nation!

The common thread of these stories is simple: without access to affordable, quality health care, the healthy become sick, the sick get sicker, and the sickest have no real chance to get better.

As a country, we have the immediate opportunity and resources to change this situation by passing health care reform, and we must ensure that Latinos and all of America’s families have workable health care solutions.

The data and the stories match up. We must fix America’s fractured health care system.

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