Weekly Story

Don’t Forget About Andrea!

October 22, 2009

Andrea from Modesto, California is one of millions of Latinos who need access to affordable health care.  Here is her story:

"I was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at age 18.  I've always paid cash and worked to provide myself with health insurance.  I also worked for myself and was denied insurance because of my preexisting health condition. 
During this time, I had a severe low blood sugar reaction and decided that I would not go without insurance again.  I found an insurance program on the Internet, but the costs are still high—$386 a month with a $500 yearly deductible.  In one month alone, costs are over $500. 

We are an average American family and do not qualify for assistance, but we may still not be able to keep up with the rising cost of health care.  My story is why everyone should have quality, affordable health insurance."

Andrea is a prime example of how the obstacles within our health care system prevent hardworking people from staying healthy.  As a self-employed individual, Andrea struggles to get the care she needs to manage her diabetes.  Her health insurance is expensive and the cost of paying for her policy has put a financial strain on her family.  Who knows if she will have the resources to pay for insurance tomorrow?  The unaffordable cost of insurance should not stand between Andrea and her doctor.  

Will health care reform leave Andrea behind?