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Don’t Forget About Beyda!

December 03, 2009

Beyda, who lives with her family in Palm Harbor, Florida, wrote to NCLR about being forced to choose which family members will have health coverage in an era of unaffordable costs.  Here is her story:

    “I am a full-time working mother and have no health insurance.  Due to the high cost of health insurance and living expenses, I have to choose between paying for my own [coverage] or my daughter's.  Of course, I chose to pay for my daughter.  Families in the United States should have affordable health care coverage for all family members.”

For so many working families, Beyda’s story is all too common.  With family coverage financially out of reach, parents are making sacrifices and buying health plans that cover only their children.  However, to truly protect their children’s well-being, parents like Beyda also need affordable health coverage for themselves in order to be well enough to go to work and take care of the youngest members of their families.

Americans should never have to choose which family member gets health care.  Will health care reform leave Beyda behind?