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Health Care In-District Visits

Health Care For All

Thank you for participating in NCLR’s Health Care for All August recess effort, a coast-to-coast engagement where hundreds of community leaders will meet with their members of Congress during the August recess. This website will give you the basic information you will need before, during, and after your meetings.

The time for health care reform is now. For months, Congress has been debating the best way to provide coverage for everyone in the U.S. As final decisions are reached we need to make sure that our families, friends, and neighbors are represented in all discussions.

We need to make sure that your members of Congress do the right thing for our community and guarantee appropriate and affordable health care for everyone.

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  • Urge your members of Congress to support high-quality affordable coverage that is accessible to all American workers and families.
  • Ensure that health reform improves the health of the Latino community.
  • Emphasize the need to reform the inequities in care that many Latinos face and eliminate poor treatment in health care settings.
  • Have legislators commit to covering all children by securing timely comprehensive benefits.
  • Make sure legislators know that Latinos want to share in the responsibility of fixing our health care system.

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