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NCLR’s friends and colleagues are generating critical information about the health care reform laws. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we want to ensure that the useful information is put into your hands as soon as possible. Check back frequently to find new documents from our partners.


September 7, 2011

A “Well” of Information on Kids’ Health

KidsWell is a new campaign of organizations across the country designed to give every child access to the coverage and care that they need to be healthy. NCLR is happy to be a part of this collaborative of national and state organizations who want to ensure that the littlest Americans can get the most out of the health care reform law.

The website of KidsWell provides a plethora of resources evaluating national and state health policy that impacts children and their families. As you know, many aspects of the law's new provisions will be carried out in the states. Keeping track of activity in the states can be a daunting task. Luckily, KidsWell launched a Health Care Reform Weekly Update to keep you informed of state activity related to health care reform implementation. Check it out!

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