Institute for Hispanic Health


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To promote the health and well-being of Hispanic Americans by reducing the incidence, burden, and impact of health problems in this community

For every Hispanic American to have the opportunity and ability to achieve good health and a high quality of life

The Institute for Hispanic Health (IHH) works in close partnership with NCLR Affiliates, government partners, private funders, and other Hispanic-serving organizations to deliver quality health interventions. These interventions focus on the improvement of access to and utilization of health promotion and disease prevention programs. We are committed to providing technical assistance and science-based approaches that are culturally competent and linguistically appropriate.



  • Increase access to and quality of care
  • Improve disease prevention and health education
  • Advance workforce development and retention in the health care professions
  • Develop strong partnerships with public and private entities to address priority health issues

Priority Focus Areas

Nutrition and Physical Activity

  • Cuidemos Nuestra Salud: Con Una Vida Balanceada
  • De Compras con Salud y Sabor
  • Nutrition Education

Sexual and Reproductive Health

  • Mujer Sana, Familia Fuerte
  • National Consensus on Latino Teen Pregnancy Prevention
  • Situational Analysis on Cervical Cancer and HPV Prevention and Education Initiatives

Chronic Disease Prevention and Management

  • Salud Para Su Corazon
  • Viviendo Saludable
  • Mantenga su Mente Activa

Emergency Preparedness

  • H1N1 Project
  • Project to Enhance the Capacity of Emergency Managers to Respond to Latino Communities

Genetic Education

  • Community Centered Family Health History
  • Access to Credible Genetic Resources Network