Chronic Disease

Prevention and Management

Salud para su Corazón

The Salud para su Corazón (Heart Health) project, funded by the MetLife Foundation, aims to raise awareness of cardiovascular disease prevention among Latinos through the use of media and promotores de salud (lay health educators).

Objective: Salud para su Corazón seeks to increase knowledge of cardiovascular disease risk factors and heart healthy behaviors among Latinos. The core of SPSC is the promotores de salud program—lay health educators who deliver preventive interventions to individual families to promote healthy lifestyles. They are trained to conduct charlas (community educational sessions) with community members to encourage heart-healthy eating, smoking prevention, physical activity, and maintaining healthy weight.

Impact: Salud para su Corazón is NCLR’s longest-running and widest-reaching project, having served more than 10,000 individuals directly and countless others through media outreach. Promotores are the reason for its success.

Viviendo Saludable

The Viviendo Saludable (Living Healthy) project, funded by sanofi-aventis in early 2010, is designed to increase knowledge and better self-management behaviors among mature adult Latinos diagnosed with type 2 diabetes using the promotores de salud (lay health educators) model.

Objective: Viviendo Saludable seeks to:

  • Improve understanding about diabetes
  • Promote diabetes prevention and better self-management behaviors among mature Hispanics diagnosed with diabetes using linguistically and culturally appropriate materials and messages
  • Test the effectiveness of the promotores de salud and popular education techniques in diabetes intervention

Impact: The Viviendo Saludable project will measure the community's awareness of risk factors related to diabetes, the usefulness of the information provided, participants’ behavior changes, and changes in health outcomes related to the disease.

Mantenga su Mente Activa

Description: The Mantenga su Mente Activa (Keep Your Mind Active) project was funded in early 2010 by the MetLife Foundation and aims to increase awareness, knowledge, and actions with regard to Alzheimer’s disease among Latinos in Oklahoma City.

Objective: IHH staff will work with the Latino Community Development Agency (LCDA) to implement a promotores de salud (lay health educators) program to reach a minimum of 300 community members through a series of charlas (community educational sessions). With IHH’s support, LCDA will develop an action plan that will define how, when, and where the program will be implemented. LCDA staff will also receive training on how to implement a promotores de salud program and assist in designing, testing, and carrying out the project.

Impact: Mantenga su Mente Activa will be one of the first projects of its kind. The findings from this undertaking will provide useful information that may inform the design of future Alzheimer’s interventions for Latinos.