Emergency Preparedness

H1N1 Project

Description: The H1N1 Project was commissioned by the Office of Minority Health to increase Latinos’ awareness of and ability to respond effectively to the 2009–2010 H1N1 flu pandemic, as well as to reduce H1N1-related stigmas within Latino communities.

Objective: This work was done through an awareness campaign designed to provide Latino communities with accurate and culturally appropriate H1N1 prevention and treatment information.  IHH achieved this through:

  • Actively monitoring the H1N1 flu outbreak by maintaining contact with NCLR Affiliates and other community-based organizations for updates on the situation on the ground, as well as monitoring the media for indications of community sentiment and any concerns which needed to be addressed
  • Disseminating information related to the H1N1 flu outbreak through NCLR Affiliates, other Hispanic community networks, and media partners
  • Conducting media outreach in order to reach thousands of Latinos with important information regarding the status of the H1N1 virus and how to prevent and manage the outbreak

Impact:  Through this project, IHH was able to reach Latinos with important and timely public health and safety information while representing the unique needs and concerns of this community to authorities and the media.  IHH plans to use this experience to leverage future projects with government entities and other organizations to address the continuing flu epidemic.

Project to Enhance the Capacity of Emergency Managers to Respond to Latino Communities

Description:  The Project to Enhance the Capacity of Emergency Managers to Respond to Latino Communities was funded by the Office of Minority Health to address the systemic disconnect between emergency management systems and some of the most distressed Latino populations.

Objective:  The project seeks to close this gap by:

  • Establishing a Disaster Advisory Group to provide guidance and expertise in the development of materials and strategies to reach Latino communities affected by a disaster  
  • Conducting community-based formative research to identify the most effective materials and training components for serving Hispanic populations 
  • Developing a tool kit to improve the responsiveness of emergency managers and relief agencies to Latino victims of a disaster 

Impact: IHH believes that this project will provide new knowledge about Latinos’ beliefs and behaviors regarding disaster situations and offer emergency managers materials and training modules to significantly improve their ability to reach Latino communities prior to and in the wake of a major emergency.


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