Latino Children’s Health

Children’s well-being is largely hinged on their ability to stay healthy. Latino children are among those most at risk for health problems because of poor access to health coverage and affordable health care services. In fact, Latino children represent two-fifths of the uninsured children in the U.S. and are more than twice as likely to be determined in fair or poor health by their parents.

NCLR is committed to advancing policies that give Latino and all American children the best opportunity to experience healthy development and sustain behaviors that contribute to success throughout life. Specifically, NCLR is working to strengthen our nation’s health care system to respond to the needs of Latino children by engaging in these policy areas:

The State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP)

SCHIP is a health coverage program that is critical to many children of low- and moderate-income families throughout the United States, including more than a million Latino children.

Immigrant Children’s Health Improvement Act (ICHIA)

ICHIA gives states the option to provide federally funded Medicaid and SCHIP funds to low-income legal immigrant children and pregnant women.

The Latest Resources for Children’s Health Advocates

NCLR and the Population Reference Bureau collaborated to produce a data book that offers a comprehensive overview of the state of Latino children by integrating a range of key factors and outcomes in several key areas, including Latino children’s health.  To find out more about the report, visit our section on America’s Future: Latino Well-Being in Numbers and Trends.

The Latest News On Latino Children's Health

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Representative Hilda Solis (D–CA) recently introduced a resolution to recognize the contributions of promotores de salud, or lay health educators, to reduce health disparities in their communities. They are especially important in linking uninsured children to public health insurance programs. For more information on promotores de salud, see our community health workers fact sheet and Meaning of Medicaid: A State-by-State Breakdown.

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