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The 2012 election was a breakthrough moment for Latino voters and, consequently, for the immigration debate.  Latinos voted because they care about the state of our economy and the quality of our education and health care systems, among other issues.  But by voting overwhelmingly in support of a second term for President Obama, Latinos also announced that they urgently want a federal solution to our broken immigration system, and they will back candidates who have committed to pushing this legislation forward.

Federal inaction on immigration reform has resulted in untold damage to families, communities, and the fabric of our nation.  Particularly for the Latino community, the stakes could not be higher. Years of stalemate on federal reform and alarming increases in the number of deportations have produced social and economic instability for millions of families and weakened the civil rights of the entire community.  Establishing a roadmap to citizenship for the 11 million aspiring Americans—75% of whom are Latino—would probably be the single most important socioeconomic advancement for the Hispanic community in decades.

With the urgent needs of our families and communities in mind, the National Council of La Raza calls on Congress to pass sound and humane immigration reform in 2013. Our country deserves a commonsense immigration process that:

  • Creates a roadmap to citizenship for the 11 million aspiring Americans
  • Reunites families efficiently
  • Protects the rights and working conditions of all workers

Comprehensive immigration reform cannot wait. NCLR urges Congress to follow the path set by members of Congress, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, and the administration who have committed to achieving a bipartisan solution on immigration reform in 2013.  For the sake of our families and our communities, we must keep building on the progress already under way and push for nothing less than a bill that is right for workers, for families, and for our county.

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