About Data Explorer

The NCLR Latino Kids Data Explorer is a user-friendly tool that provides comprehensive data on Latino children in the United States.  As an update and expansion of NCLR’s 2010 publication America’s Future: Latino Child Well-Being in Numbers and Trends, the Data Explorer offers 27 national- and state-level indicators of Latino child well-being, including demographic, health, education, housing, income, and juvenile justice variables.  The data are available by age group (0–2, 0–4, 0–8, 0–17) and include time trend and racial/ethnic comparisons.  The rapidly growing Latino child population represents a crucial segment of our country’s future workers, taxpayers, voters, and parents, making this tool a valuable resource for advocates, policymakers, researchers, reporters, and others who seek to identify the challenges and potential areas of investment in our nation’s increasingly diverse child population.

Using the NCLR Latino Kids Data Explorer
Most, but not all, data are derived from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS), but due to some variation in data sources, options for age groups, years, states, and racial/ethnic groups are unavailable in certain cases.  Given the potentially small sample sizes, the data for the young child age groups (0–2, 0–4, and 0–8) are derived from ACS three-year estimates.  Most of the 0–17 data are available for both ACS one-year and three-year estimates.  One-year and multiyear estimates should not be compared with one another.   We suggest using caution when interpreting results that have a margin of error of 10 or greater.  Detailed source information and additional notes can be found at the bottom of each data table.

Feedback and Requests
NCLR welcomes user feedback on how to improve the Latino Kids Data Explorer in future updates.  Please send comments to latinokidsdata@nclr.org.  Researchers and teachers interested in a copy of the full dataset can send a request with a description of how the dataset will be used to the same email address.

NCLR would like to thank the organizations and individuals who contributed to the Latino Kids Data Explorer, including the Population Reference Bureau for compiling the majority of the data found in the online tool, Child Trends for providing some of the early childhood data, and Vim Interactive for the development and design of the Data Explorer.  NCLR is grateful for the generous support of the Birth to Five Policy Alliance and a funder who wishes to remain anonymous.


**Throughout the Latino Kids Data Explorer, the data presented for the White, Black, and Other categories exclude persons of Hispanic origin.  The Other category includes the American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, and Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander populations.
**For more information about using and interpreting American Community Survey data, visit the U.S. Census Bureau.

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