Because Latino children and youth compose such a large percentage (22%) of the U.S. child population and face significant obstacles in the path to adulthood, NCLR has recently started placing more emphasis on research surrounding this critical population. A recent forum hosted by NCLR, “Investing in Our Future: The State of Latino Children and Youth,” convened numerous researchers and other stakeholders to discuss the current situation facing Latino children and opportunities for helping them succeed. NCLR plans to produce a proceedings document detailing the presentations and discussions held at the forum, set to be released at the 2010 NCLR Annual Conference. Recent youth-focused publications include several fact sheets on the impact of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) on Latino children (here and here), a report on how a piece of state-level anti-immigrant legislation has affected Latino children and their families, and an analysis of federal education law’s impact on Latino students. In early 2010, we look forward to releasing reports based on data gathered from several sets of focus groups on topics that include the impact of foreclosure on children, access to health care for children in mixed-status families, and Latino teenagers’ perceptions of school, work, and the juvenile justice system. In addition, we will release a Latino Children Data Book that provides state-by-state information on key indicators of well-being for Latino children.

Youth Research Publications

NEW The State of Latino Children and Youth in the United States (2009)




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For a complete list of NCLR youth publications, please see our Selected Bibliography of NCLR Publications on Children and Youth.

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