Cristo Rey Community Center

Cristo Rey Community Center


Cristo Rey Community Center is a nonprofit Catholic Social Service/United Way Agency whose main purpose is to serve the social, human, and mental health of the Hispanic Community. Cristo Rey has been in existence for over 40 years and serves over 22,000 individuals each year. Cristo Rey Community Center maintains a Family Health Center, Migrant Clinic, and Senior Center. They also provide prescription assistance, bilingual counseling, employment and job-training, parenting classes, legal aid, youth programs, and they partner with the Great Lansing Bank to offer food to people in need.

Contact Info

Phone: (517) 372-4700
Fax: (517) 372-8499
Mailing Address:
1717 North High Street
Lansing, Michigan, 48906

Services Offered

Community Development


Elderly Services

Family / Child Welfare


Legal Assistance

Social Services

Workforce Development

Youth Development

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