Del Norte Neighborhood Development Corporation

Del Norte Neighborhood Development Corporation


Del Norte was founded in 1978 by a group of concerned activists of Denver’s Highland neighborhood who recognized the overwhelming need for decent housing, affordable to low-income residents of their community. Del Norte, a community development corporation, currently operates the following programs: a homeownership counseling and production program for first-time buyers, a home rehabilitation grant/loan program, a rental housing development program, including rental housing for the special needs population, an Individual Development Account (IDA) program, community development/organizing activities, and property management activities which are carried out by Del Norte’s affiliate corporation, Continental Management Company.

Contact Info

Phone: (303) 477-4774
Fax: (303) 433-0924
Mailing Address:
2926 Zuni St., Suite 202
Denver, Colorado, 80211

Services Offered

Community Development

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