Since NCLR was founded in 1968, the body of NCLR’s Affiliate Network has grown to nearly 300 community-based organizations. Their services are diverse and include charter schools, after-school programs, job readiness and training, English-language preparation, homeownership counseling, health centers, and community activities centers, to name a few. These organizations provide services that reach millions of Hispanic Americans.

NCLR's Affiliates deal on a day-to-day basis with all aspects of serving the Latino population. They are familiar with the practical concerns and the policy issues affecting their constituencies and are actively engaged in developing and implementing innovative solutions to the problems they face.

NCLR’s active and productive relationships with its community-based Affiliate organizations are at the heart of NCLR’s work and key to its ability to fulfill its mission. In providing capacity-building assistance, policy analysis, advocacy, and special initiatives that complement the work of our Affiliates, NCLR is able to work “on the front lines” to improve life opportunities for Hispanic Americans throughout the country.

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