Family Strengthening Awards

The National Council of La Raza (NCLR) is committed to strengthening and enhancing the opportunities and abilities of Latino families to achieve positive and measurable change. Through its research, advocacy, and programmatic initiatives, NCLR works to enhance existing opportunities for Latino families and expand these to all parts of the country. Through its network of nearly 300 Affiliates, NCLR works to connect families with the tools, resources, and support networks that will allow them to take advantage of the opportunities available to them. Recognizing the important role Affiliates play, NCLR rewards and recognizes those community-based organizations that actively strengthen the Latino family and advance NCLR’s programmatic initiatives at the local level.

The Family Strengthening Awards Program bestows honor on two NCLR Affiliate programs whose holistic approach leverages NCLR programmatic initiatives to improve the opportunities and abilities of Latino Families in its community. The winning programs must demonstrate a comprehensive approach to family strengthening which incorporates all members of the family and address education, housing, employment, health, or advocacy issues, whether through direct efforts or through partnerships with other organizations and through its participation in NCLR programs.


For more information, please contact:

Daniel Rico
Grants and Special Programs Coordinator

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