New Leaders, New Directions: Tools for Advancing an Early Childhood Agenda for the Latino Community

Erika Beltran and Sarah Dolan,, (July 20, 2009)

Issue: Education, Early Childhood Education
Publication Type: Other

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As Latino children enter the American school system in increasing numbers, it is imperative that they enter ready to learn and be successful. Unfortunately, this is not currently the case. Young Latino children face many challenges in accessing high-quality early care and education (ECE) programs.

This toolkit is designed to help ECE champions build stronger, more effective strategies to ensure educational success for Latino and English language learner (ELL) children. It includes chapters on "Framing the Issue", "Identifying Your Partners and Targets", "Taking Action", and "Media Tools and Resources". It also includes a number of different appendices on different topics, including data collection and the legislative process. We hope you will find this toolkit useful as you embark upon your own ECE advocacy journey!