A Thin Line

NCLR is proud to collaborate with MTV on A Thin Line, a campaign that aims to identify, respond to, and stop the spread of cyber bullying and other forms of digital abuse. With NCLR’s help, MTV would like to connect with any Latinos who have been victims of digital discrimination. NCLR is optimistic that this campaign will show a large audience the reality of anti-Latino discrimination.

If you have faced discrimination through texting, email, Facebook, or other digital platforms, please send your story to us here at NCLR at comments@nclr.org with the email subject line “MTV campaign.” MTV is seeking victims of online discrimination who would be interested in sharing their stories either on True Life or in a public service announcement. Please read the details and casting calls below.

True Life
MTV is looking for young people with personal stories regarding digital discrimination who may be interested in being featured in an upcoming episode of the popular documentary series, True Life.

Please email NCLR at comments@nclr.org with the subject line “MTV campaign” and tell us about your situation. Please be sure to include your name, location, phone number, and photo.

Casting Call for “True Life: I’m a Victim of Digital Hate”
Are you gay, black, Muslim, Latino, or a member of another minority group and made fun of online because of who you are? Have people used racist, homophobic, or other discriminatory terms in reference to you online? Do people send you cruel texts or messages about your ethnicity, religion, or sexuality? Do people make fun of how you look because of your ethnicity? Have you ever been judged by others online for what gender you're attracted to? If you appear to be between the ages of 16 and 28, are sick of people being cruel to you because of who you are, and would like to share your story, MTV wants to hear from you!

Public Service Announcement (PSA)
As part of its A Thin Line campaign, MTV will develop a PSA of stories from youth victims of cyber discrimination.

Casting Call for PSA
Have you ever been trashed online? Been called names? Had rumors spread about you? Do people send cruel texts or post messages about your appearance, ethnicity, religion, or sexuality? Do you have transcripts of these online/text interactions? If so, we want to hear your story. We would love to use your story as part of an anti-bullying campaign that will air on MTV to help empower others who have been victims of harassment or ganging up online.

Please email NCLR at comments@nclr.org with the subject line “MTV campaign” and a brief description of yourself, a summary of your story, and actual examples of the incident(s), including transcripts.

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