State of the Union

We asked and you answered!

Thanks to all of you who took the State of the Union survey and told us what you thought President Obama should prioritize for the nation.

We were excited to see the results flow in over the last few days. You picked jobs/economy, immigration, and education, in that order, as the top three issues that the president should address in his speech. Not surprisingly, as the election season picks up momentum, the number one thing you said the president and Congress could do to move your priority issues forward was to focus less on their reelections and more on doing what is right for the country. Putting aside partisan politics followed closely behind in that category. We were also happy to hear that you are poised for the 2012 elections; more than 80% of you who took the survey said you were absolutely certain that you would vote in November.

We also received hundreds of comments about your concerns for the country and how you wanted the president and Congress to address them. Click here to read more on NCLR’s blog.


Luz: The President needs to take a stand and stop the language of hatred against immigrant community. It is no longer that the undocumented are the focus of hatred it has spread to the immigrant community in general, particularly the Latinos.

Margaret: We must take action now to preserve our country for tomorrow, and our future generations. The National Budget needs to be balanced. Take Warren Buffet seriously, and tax the upper income earners a higher tax rate then the middle class. Make the immigration process fair, accessable, and streamlined.

Robert: Include Medicare and Medicaid in Social Security.

Maria: More friends and family members continue to lose their jobs and health benefits. With a son who is diabetic and out of work, it scares me to know that he will not be able to take care of himself due to the lack of medical coverage. People should be able to have healthcare even if they are not employed. My father died with no medical benefits and left my mother with an enormous medical debt. It is not fair as she is now 80 and still paying on his medical bills.

Patricia: I think the biggest threat to our nation is the purchasing of so many legislators and governors by corporate money. The second biggest threat is all these "no compromise" people who think they know the only way for things to be handled and the only viewpoint everyone should have for everything.

Ty: Congress has continually stopped "change" from happening.

Cristina: Imperial Valle, CA is the poorest place in all California. We need more attention from the authorities to protect our schools, kids, and economy.

June: I think President Obama should focus on Immigration and the good the nation will be when Immigration is legal. It will stimulate the economy, put people back to work, allow illegal immigrants to purchase houses, cars, clothing--that will certainly stimulate the economy.

Victor: The President should re-address, in the strongest possible language, the big problem of Big Money in Politics. I strongly feel this is the biggest issue facing our present form of government. I just don't think that Congress, as it stands, will ever put aside partisan politics when the Republicans have publicly stated that they want to make sure President Obama serves only one term. Most Republicans and Democrats are very firmly situated in Big Businesses pockets so they are not about to do what is right for the country, and they are not about start thinking of finding common ground in any big issues. I sincerely hope that the President will finally fine his voice and use the bully pulpit to unite the middle class, the poor and the independents so that he can be re-elected and bring about those changes we are looking for. He needs to inspire all of us to continue to fight for what he promised us the 1st time around; justice, peace, good jobs, good education, affordable housing, and single pay health insurance for everybody who wants all of these benefits.

Antonio: Veterans treatment programs must be integrated into all the issues.

Mayo: Compassionate immigration reform is at the top of my list. Some sort of amnesty (oh horrors!) for law-abiding residents, esp. those living here since infancy. No breaking up of families. No children sent to foster care. In-state tuition for children who have lived here for some time and who have graduated from US high school. Social Security benefits for those who would otherwise qualify except for legal immigration…

Max: I will not vote republican but I have registered as an Independent for the first time and encourage everyone I know to do the same. Elected officials and candidates need to know that we are not an automatic vote because we are Latino and predominately Democrat. There is a lot of disappointment and disapproval in the way our elected officials are posturing for votes and how they take us for granted. We have a normalization in the acceptance of the overwhelming poverty numbers, excessive unemployment and tax breaks for the wealthy. How can this be considered acceptable? Four more years of the same stagnation in the mindset of our elected officials is very far from what I want to see.

Sylvia: We need comprehensive immigration reform because it is taking a toll on the emotional well-being of our Latino children and their families. What impacts out children --- impacts us all!

Randy: Income inequality is destroying our democracy.

Richard: We need to build on the OWS energy and focus again on raising people up from the bottom and work to equalize health and education for all.

Michael: Hispanic people, especially immigrants should slowly save enough money and groceries to go on strike for a week, the next time a state proposes anti immigration legislation. Refuse to spend money and refuse to work for a week. Show the Republicans and Tea Party how much you really contribute to this country. My family immigrated from Russia in the early 1900's to escape anti anti-semitism. I have white camouflage but I reject scapegoating immigrants.

Kelly: I think people have become bitter and hateful and need to be re-taught to have empathy and compassion towards others. Mostly on the republican side but there are the democrats that have become all of the above also.

Stacee: Remember our nation is a country of immigration!

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